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And Other Rites of Passage

Most often, hosting an interfaith ceremony means working with a single professional officiant who can create a customized ceremony honoring different faiths.  Sometimes, however, it means having two people co-facilitate the ceremony.  We are non-denominational Lay Chaplains and we can work alongside priests, rabbis, or other clergy as appropriate for your wedding.  

Interfaith Weddings

Many of our couples come from different religious or spiritual backgrounds, and ask us for advice on creating a wedding ceremony that blends both of their families’ traditions.  We have experience and training in creating interfaith ceremonies that reflect the values and beliefs of different faiths, while celebrating each of them individually.  The result can be a beautiful experience for everyone in attendance, because love knows no boundaries and can act as a bridge between many different traditions.

Interfaith wedding officiants need to have a working knowledge of many different religions and spiritual paths, and the similarities and differences between each.  Christine McKinlay holds a degree in Religious and Cultural Studies and a Master's Degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies. This allows her to understand how to draw upon both religious and cultural traditions when writing the ceremony.  Our extensive experience creating customized interfaith wedding ceremonies enables us to create the perfect balance for you and your families.