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Serving London, Stratford, Oxford, Lambton and Middlesex Counties --Ontario, Canada

                      Wedding Officiant

And Other Rites of Passage

Unitarianism traces its roots to the Protestant Reformation.  Over the centuries, our faith has evolved, influenced by many famous figures – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller and Lotta Hitschmanova, to name just a few. 

 Today, Unitarians believe that no one person, faith or religion has a “lock” on the truth.  Because no one can prove that their religion is right or that another faith is wrong, Unitarians believe that each individual has the right to search for truth and meaning.  We honour all faiths and all great teachers and prophets for the wisdom and insight that they offer to humanity.  Unitarians do not preach a particular creed or dogma, we do not offer definite answers to the great questions of life.  But we believe that by coming together in our common search we may receive insight from each other.

Unitarians in Canada have a long history of providing services to many other people, those who belong to other churches and those who do not.  In the 1970’s, lay members of Canadian Unitarian congregations were first designated as Lay Chaplains and began to offer wedding ceremonies and services to interfaith couples (couples in which one partner is of one religion and the other of another), non-denominational couples (those who have no church affiliation) and others who requested their services. 

 We believe that all people have “a right to rites”.   We offer other ceremonies and Rites of Passage in addition to weddings, such as child dedications or blessings, coming of age ceremonies, house blessings, renewal of marriage vows, memorials, funerals and celebrations of life.

The Unitarian Fellowship of London is located at 557 Clarke Road in London Ontario. We extend a warm welcome to you to visit our website or join us at a 10.45 AM Sunday service and learn more about Unitarianism. Visit Site 

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